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Outlook Send Error: “The operation failed. FIX @ 1-800-823-4791

Outlook Send Error operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found”  This Massage triggered when you tried to send the message using outlook. some of the common reasons are:

Your outlook profile is corrupted: To fix the corrupted profile go to windows control panel >Click mail >Click mail setup >  Click Show profile > Click add or create the profile and try to send the message again from the new profile created.

Your automatic SMTP settings aren’t selected up properly: If the the problem(Outlook Send Error operation unsuccessful) for the outlook delivering error then you’ve to configure your outgoing SMTP server by hand. The easiest way would be to removing your email account from outlook file account setting and add it or create it recently and make certain to not use auto identify email server settings option. If you’re not sure regarding your SMTP setting or values then call your email company.

While using the Outlook in Workgroup or Corporate modes, your Outlook PST documents was moved or erased: Important This, method, or task contains steps that let you know how you can customize the registry. However, serious problems might occur should you customize the registry incorrectly. so to get this done remove your bank account and make or add some account recently . or try uninstalled and download updated file and installed and hang your bank account or give a new account.

Outlook Send Error operation failed IF YOUR OUTLOOK IS NOT WORKING CALL SUPPORT @ 1-800-823-4791

The shop method includes your info engine. this really is frequently a push a part of Exchange and whereas we have known the failure purpose, we have unfamiliar the very best because of resolving the problem. Changes future cannot be taken lightly as the details are on the line, and then any changes ought to be fastidiously reviewed and tested. If square measure you’re unsure when the matter you’re encountering matches the condition of matters there exists a inclination to are work, please contact Microsoft Support to spread out something request.


  •  Copy your body from the saved message right into a substitute message and send it
  • Change to Cached Exchange Mode
  • Switch the message from hypertext markup language => RTF => hypertext markup language and so send it
    AN alternate workaround is to log into the mailbox from OWA and send the message.

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