Microsoft Billing and Account Management, This situation illustrates using your credit rating Cards Variety and Credit rating Cards Time period Application Speech Manages that will get the quantity and also the expiry date of charge cards. The instance uses the default settings from the controls other than your credit rating Cards Variety control is enabled for Visa and MasterCard charge cards only.


The instance starts by asking what sort of charge card the client really wants to use. The client states either Mastercard or visa, and so the example verifies the cash card kind. The instance then encourages the client your money can buy card number. When giving the cash card number, the client may either say all 16 figures from the money card number at the same time, or repeat the amount in a number of smaller sized groups (usually categories of four digits), based on the way the figures are displayed wide-delimited groups with an actual Mastercard or visa charge card. After confirming the quantity, the instance encourages the client for that expiry date, after which verifies the date. Once the example has motivated for and confirmed all this information, it plays your final prompt thanking the client.

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Featured Highlights

  • Recognition limited to two of the six credit card types that the Credit score Cards Variety control recognizes.
  • Using default encourages with the Credit score Cards Variety and the Credit score Cards Timeframe controls

Running the Sample

  • Open the example. The example encourages the customer for credit cards kind.
  • Say Visa. The example then plays a prompt asking for the money card number.
  • Say the following number: 4120 1234 1234 1234. The example verifies the amount and then asks for an expiry date.
  • Say an expiry date consisting of a month and year. The example verifies this date. The example then thanks the customer and informs the customer that the purchase will be delivered shortly.
  • Reload the page to run the example again, and for credit card kind and number, say MasterCard and 5124 1234 1234 1234.

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  • This example does not validate credit card numbers or dates. Consequently, the example recognizes and verifies any sixteen-digit number provided the first four numbers match the money card kind (see the following remark), and recognizes and verifies dates in both the future and the past.
  • The first four numbers of credit cards number indicate the kind of credit card. If the customer says credit cards number that does not match the kind of card associated with the first four numbers, the Credit score Cards Variety control encourages the customer to say the money card number again.
  • The Credit score Cards Variety and Credit score Card’s Timeframe controls incorporate complex dialogue logic and are highly configurable. Refer to the documentation for a complete description of the possible configurations.

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