Microsoft Accounts and Billing Number

Microsoft Account Billing Details

Microsoft Account Billing Details

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Under the billing section in my Microsoft account, I get redirected to

In my payment Hub, I have a personal account and a business account.
The business account has no information and has the wrong incorrect country set. I would like to trial Windows Azure, but I can’t enter a valid credit card because the credit card I have is not registered in the country associated with on the incorrect business account.
I need to be able to remove the business account (or change the country) so my credit card will work.
I’ve tried phoning Microsoft UK and spent more than an hour on hold, I’ve had 2 live chats where both service agents basically fobbed me off and told to call my regional office – where I get put on hold.
Please – I just need to talk to someone who can help me rectify an incorrect county setting in my Microsoft account.
(BTW shouldn’t these forums have a specific section just for Microsoft Account questions?)
Microsoft Accounts and Billing Number

Microsoft Accounts and Billing Number | +1-800-823-4791

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Microsoft Accounts and Billing Number Technical Support:

Microsoft Accounts and Billing Number Technical Support

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Microsoft Accounts Billing Number | +1-800-823-4791

Microsoft Accounts Billing Number +1-800-823-4791

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