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Manage aliases on your Microsoft account

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Manage aliases on your Microsoft accountManaging MSN billing Account Services

You are able to change how you register and appear to recipients with the addition of aliases for your Microsoft account. An alias is sort of a nickname for the account that may be their email, telephone number, or Skype name. It uses exactly the same inbox, address book, and account settings because of the primary alias. You are able to register for your requirements with an alias, and also you just remember just one password it is them.

Some good reasons to use aliases in your account include:

  • You’ve altered names, generate a personal business, or would like to try something totally new.
  • You are ready for any new current email address but don’t wish to lose all of your settings and knowledge.
  • You would like the versatility of getting several aliases that share exactly the same subscriptions and inbox.
  • You would like an alias that cannot be accustomed to registering for your requirements to be able to provide to companies or any other people and know they cannot utilize it to gain access to your info.

By default, the email address or phone number that you use to sign up for your Microsoft account is considered the primary alias. Your primary alias shows up as the main account name when you view your profile information. This can be changed at any time.

Any other aliases are considered secondary aliases. You can control which secondary aliases can be used to sign in to your Microsoft account.

You can have up to ten aliases on your Microsoft account at any given time.

Go to Add or remove an email alias in Outlook on the web to learn how your inbox works with multiple aliases. For more help with how to edit your information, contact customer support.

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